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[iaik-jce] Managing keys using KeyTool

I'm evaluating your JCE and SSL implementations for a product we are
developing and I've run into a problem.
I'm having trouble using the KeyTool program/class provided by Sun using
your service provider.  All commands except "-certreq" seem to operate
correctly.  When I try the -certreq command KeyTool fails with the
following message:
keytool error: iaik.asn1.structures.Name

There is no further explanation of the problem.  Is this a known
limitation?  Perhaps there is a work-around?

Also, interestingly, if I run the keytool program directly the iaik
service provided is not found (even though the java.security file has
been updated), but if I run keytool by using "java
sun.security.tools.KeyTool <parms>" it can find the IAIK provider,
although I get the one error mentioned above.

Any clues you can provide would be appreciated.  Thanks,
Ralph Roland
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