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[iaik-jce] SMIME time problem !!!!

Hello !

I'm actually using the IAIK_SMIME lib in order to make a SMTP/POP3 proxy
that cypher & uncypher mails
between a Mail client (such as Netscape or Outlook) & a Mail server
(such as Exchange, PostOffice or Netscape Mail Server) !

I have a small problem, the cyphering time is really long (almost 10
minutes for a 4Mo message (RSA 512 bits & RC2/40 bits)).
I'm used to play with other crypto soft (PGP, Netscape ...) in order to
cypher mail message, and it doesn't take so long.

I'm using the IAIK-SMIME demo source code methods to sign, crypt &
sign/crypt a message.
I'm using my own certificates (generated by a Netscape Certificate
Server with a Netscape Client).
Private Key & Certificate are imported to my soft using PKCS#12.
I've made several tests and notice that crypting and signing a 4Mo Mime
message (4166ko) grow my message up to 8Mo (7888Ko) and take almost 10
minutes to complete.

My computer is a PII 400 Mhz, 128Mo RAM & I'm using JRE 1.1.8.

I've noticed that after all my work (Signing then crypting) one method
take the most important time to process:
the JavaMail MimeMessage.writeTo() function ... !
I've no doc of JavaMail or even IAIK explaining how SMimeMessage &
MimeMessage work.

I also must increase the Java Virtual Machine 'mx' param, in order to
process large message (over 1Mo).
Are IAIK & JavaMail libs able to process mail message through streams ?
(bloc/bloc) !

Does anyone know how I can increase speed, make it take less memory
space ?

Thanks a lot !
Malderez Cédric
tel;fax:01 41 43 84 80
tel;work:01 41 43 84 66
adr:;;179/181 Avenue Charles de Gaulle;Neuilly / Seine;;92200;France
title:Ingénieur développeur
fn:Malderez Cédric