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RE: [iaik-jce] Data encryption questions ?


	We have a three-tier application which consists of a Java applet
client and an application server. Clients communicate with the application
server using CORBA.
We are in the process of finalizing the algorithm to be used for Data
encryption. We will be using Entrust Java toolkit for encryption/decryption
purposes. Entrust uses IAIK-JCE implementation. 

We want to find an algorithm which is fast and gives us strong over-the-wire
data security.   Below is the list of cipher algorithms which IAIK provider
supports.   Which of these do you believe would be the fastest (our first
priority) and strongest (third priority), most practical (second priority)
to implement the way we are using it?   We have identified some candidates
for these performance tests and we wanted to know whether the list is
correct and/or whether it needs additions which we were not aware you had
available thru the Entrust toolkit/IAIK. 

Here is the list:-


	We want your comments on which algorithms we should test . What is
the key size(if that applies) to be used ? Also if there are some algorithms
that we should not test for symmetric data encryption/decryption them please
let us know about it. Also we wanted information about the last 3 cipher
algorithms ? 


Sachin Gadre


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