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[iaik-jce] Provider "IAIK" not found

 Cipher cipher;
 cipher = Cipher.getInstance("RC4", "IAIK");
Is throwing "provider not found" when running as an applet in a browser. 
I'm using JDK1.17B only, -classpath is pointing to rsa_rc4.jar, iaik-jce-ae2.51,
and jdx11x_update.jar (although I can't tell if the last one's necessary or not with iaik-jce-ae2.51).
Everything compiles with no errors and no warnings.
So after checking the mailing list archives, I find I need to add the following:
import iaik.security.provider.IAIK;
but now this also throws an exception ("method not found").
I'm at a loss as to what I could be missing. Can anyone verify that this has been done before
(using RC4 cipher objects in a standalone applet, using only JDK1.17B) ?