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[iaik-jce] unknown private key type

this is just to inform of a possible solution on the "unknown private
key type" problem. I attach here someinfo

Fred Dushin wrote :

 Now, this is not to say everything works fine.  I do have problems
 generating keys; it reports an unknown private key type (or
 something like that -- don't have the error on hand),

Akis wrote :

 however I have found out that these errors cease to exist if you 
 a) setup as default keystoretype the IAIKKeyStore and 
 b) IAIK as default security provider (and sun as a second choice)

Fred Dushin wrote :

Interesting.  Let me try that...  Yes, you're right.  I
wonder if they know about this at IAIK?

Akis wrote :

I am sure they know that now :-)

Is there a bug list for IAIK or .. I should just use iaik-jce list ?

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