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Re: [iaik-jce] Crypto library questions

> 1. PKCS 12

Are you sure you are using IAIK JCE 2.51? I decoded PKCS#12 files
generated by MS IE5 and Netscape 4.61 just last week without any problems
(the password needs to be correct of course). If you actually have any
PKCS#12 files that do not work with 2.51 you should send them to us for

> 2. Socket Plugability (SSL)

iSaSiLk 3.0 can do SSL on any InputStream/OutputStream pair. The beta
release is planned in about two weeks.

> 3. Crypto Card

I do not see any problems getting this to work with our libraries.


 Andreas Sterbenz              mailto:Andreas.Sterbenz@iaik.tu-graz.ac.at

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Betreff: [iaik-jce] Crypto library questions

> Hello,
> we are engineering a PKI infrastructure for a major player in the
> insurance/financial industry. We therefore are evaluating Java SSL and
> Java Crypto (JCE+PKCSx+Smartcard) libraries. Our emphasis (in addition
> to expecting reliably working libraries, of course ;-) is on the three
> features below. Please let us know how IAIK can meet our requirements.