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Re: [iaik-jce] JDK 1.2 keytool and IAIKKeyStore

Hi Fred,

> I believe there is a bug (or -ahem- undocumented feature ;) 
> in the iaik_jce_full_ae.jar file.  It turns out that in *that*
> jarfile, iaik.utils.ExtendedProvider extends 
> not java.security.Provider, which is why my test was failing.
Sorry, not a bug and not a feature.
IAIK produced two versions of their security software IAIJ-JCE:
1) One for applications
2) One for applets.

The main difference is that 1) completely fulfils Java JCA/JCE.
So why is there an applet edition?
The full JCA/JCE plugs into Java 2, which contains classes in the 
java.security.* pacage tree that Java 1 is missing, so IAIK has 
reimplemented the missing classes and packaged them into 

Unfortunately, some browsers (i.e. Netscape), and IDE's (i.e. IBM 
Visual Age) do not allow to import/use classes that are member of 
java.* packages that are downloaded (browsers) or imported (IDE's).
For all those people writing applets or using IDE's, IAIK ha written 
the Applet edition.
The main (and, as far as I know,) only difference is that all classes 
of the IAIK packages that are member of java.* packages (i.e. all 
java11x_update.jar classes) now are member of the iaik.java.* package, 
and so forth. 

Of course, using the Applet eddition for applications would not work, 
since IAIK's Provider now subclasses iaik.java.security.Provider and 
not java.security.Provider.

> So maybe you had a test version of a Provider lying around by
> accident? Or is this necessary and I completely read over some
> painfully obvious documentation somewhere...
No, sorry, you just used the wrong jar file. Use "iaik_jce.jar" in 
your CLASSPATH and everything will work fine.


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