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[iaik-jce] Dates in x509 certificate


     I've created x509 certificate for WebSite Pro server.
Of course, i've installed CA certificate into web-server's
trusted root list and into web-browser. All OK.
     The problem is, that when MSIE 4.x (or 5.x) come to
web-server it says to client that certificate of web-server
is expired. ;(  I'm sure, that dates in certificate (both begin
and end) are correct. How can i avoid this message? Is there a
workaround or hint?
     Thanks in advance.

PS: I've attached the certificate, if anybody can look at it
    and point me to my error i'll be very appreciate for
    one's attention.
With the best wishes,               mailto:runtime@rb.dp.ua
JS Bank "Radabank", Ukraine,
Chief of Development Dept.