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[iaik-jce] Signing jar with private key from a p12


There is a possibility to create a private key with keytool and buy a
cert from Thwate for 200US$ (they say, it's beta state but they want
money for it!). But I already have a cert for Netscape Object Signing as
a p12 file. So I want to import it to keytool and sign a jar file for
Thwate certs are supported in JDK1.2.2. 

I used this code:
             Security.insertProviderAt (new IAIK (), 1);
             IAIK.addAsProvider (true);
             PKCS12 p12 = new PKCS12 (new FileInputStream
             p12.decrypt ("fddasd".toCharArray ());
             CertificateBag[] bags = p12.getCertificateBags ();
             PrivateKey privateKey = p12.getKeyBag ().getPrivateKey ();
             KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance ("JKS", "SUN");
             keyStore.load (null, null);
             keyStore.setKeyEntry ("centaur", privateKey,
"mfkbm1".toCharArray (), CertificateBag.getCertificates (bags));
             keyStore.store (new FileOutputStream (".keystore"),
"mfkbm1".toCharArray ()); 

and it worked fine. When I typed

E:\programme\java\IAIK-JCE>keytool -list -alias centaur
Enter keystore password:  mfkbm1
centaur, Sat Jun 19 11:34:02 GMT+01:00 1999, keyEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (MD5):

it seems to be right but when I try to sign a jar:

E:\programme\java\IAIK-JCE>jarsigner Test.jar centaur
Enter Passphrase for keystore: mfkbm1
jarsigner error: java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: Signature not

I'm using the newest IAIK-JCE (2.51?), Win NT and JDK1.2.2RC1. 
Has anybody successfully imported a p12 to the keystore and has signed a

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