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[iaik-jce] iaik.pkcs.pkcs10.CertificateRequest in JCE 2.5

Has anyone had success using iaik.pkcs.pkcs10.CertificateRequest in JCE
2.5 with jdk1.2.1?  I can't construct the CertificateRequest object with
any of the three constructors, when I compile with jdk1.2.1 I get
"sun.tools.java.CompilerError: duplicate addition".  I've compiled on
multiple platforms (Solaris, Win98, WinNT) and get the same results on
each.  The code will compile just fine using jdk1.1.3 however.  Any
ideas on the problem?

Also, are the javadocs for JCE 2.5 available for download?  All I have
been able to find is a postscript version.


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