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[iaik-jce] IAIK Key & Certificate required separately in *.der format for using with WebLogic

We have generated RSA 512 bits Key & Certificates with IAIK - both in
*.pem and *.der formats using CreateCertificates.

1) To work with WebLogic, we need separate Key and Certificate files.
    With the KeyAndCertificate's saveTo() method, we get a combined
    I therefore tried splitting the *.pem files into 2 parts - one for
    key and one for the certificate.
    However, in doing so, I get java.io.EOFException at WebLogic, and
    hence SSL connection doesn't go through. As an eg, briefly :

    "Not listening for SSL: java.io.IOException:
    Inconsistent Security Configuration: java.io.EOFException ...."

    Pl suggest a way to create separate key and cert files correctly
    in both *.der and *.pem formats.

2) In Windows NT Explorer, when we double click on a *.der file
    created using SSLeay tool, we get a Certificate Dialog Box giving
    details, and which also asks us to install with the help of a
    However, for *.der files created using IAIK, we get an alert box
saying :
    "This is an invalid Security Certificate file."

I think the solution to both 1 & 2 above is one common one. Pl suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Sundar Krishnan

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