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[iaik-jce] Dependency of iSaSiLk2.5b1 classes on IAIK-JCE2.5b1classes ?

Thanks Dr Lipp, Andreas and others for your answers. However, what I
expected was answers to these :-

1) Just like we set the IAIK Provider with a code like :
Security.setProvider(new IAIK())
how do we set :
a) JCE Provider ?  Refer from Andreas : "If you want to use IAIK JCE as
the crypto provider for iSaSiLk ..."
b) IAIK's own Crypto Provider ie, what is the name of the default
CryptoProvider class or a set of class files in a jar file provided by
IAIK ? Does it come along with the iSaSiLk2.5b1 pkg ?
[Even in the case of  IAIK class, we have the ambiguity wrt

2) In my last email, I pointed out to 19 classes which inherit from
classes in javax.crypto pkg, and 2 + 4  classes which implement i/fs
from javax.crypto and javax.crypto.interfaces pkgs. It therefore appears
that one cannot use these 19 + 6 classes without also including JCE
related classes. Therefore, is it then a must to also have IAIK-JCE2.5b1
? Pl confirm and clarify.

3) (Why) is it mandatory in USA to use only RSA implementation ? Does it
imply that using JCE 1.2 impl is illegal in USA. Also this is not fully
clear :
"RSA considers the use of any implementation other than their's illegal.
However, I don't believe they have a hold over SSL."

4) Somewhere, I have also seen rsa_rc4.jar. This probably contains
classes exclusive to RSA. Is this IAIK's default CryptoProvider ? Is
this the one which is supposed to be legal in US ?

5) Elsewhere in the pgm, ie, outside of the SSL Handshake part, I also
need to encrypt and decrypt a file with a password. Is there any
freeware code just only for this purpose, for eg, using RC4 with salt ?


Sundar Krishnan

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