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New releases of PKCS#11 toolkits!


The new versions of our PKCS#11 toolkits now support the GCM and CCM cipher modes of operation!

iSaSiLk 5.107 released!


iSaSiLk 5.107 has improved its countermeasure against variants of the PKCS#1 Bleichenbacher attack and adds support for the Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) extension!


Our Clients


You want to know what SSL/TLS-capabilites you browser has? Want to find out about the SSL/TLS-features of some Web-Server? We provide two demos, that do that job for you!

The demos are included in our IAIK iSaSiLk Toolkit, one for testing the SSL/TLS capcabilities of your browser, the other for testing the capabilities of your server. Both demos can be run as servlets or as stand alone applications.

After downloading and unpacking the iSaSiLk distribution file you simply have to browse to the demo/cmd or demo/sh sub-directory and follow the steps described below.

Browser Test:

  • Go to the sslclientinfo sub-directory and start the runSSLClientInfo.bat/sh file. When the demo is running it informs you that is ready for inputs on port 4433: 

        Waiting for HTTPS requests on port 4433...

If everything works well the SSL/TLS browser capabilities will be dumped in your browser window.

Server Test:

  • Go to the sslserverinfo sub-directory  and start the runSSLServerInfo.bat/sh file. When the demo is running it informs you that is ready for inputs on port 80: 

         Waiting for HTTP requests on port 80...

A form field will be shown in your browser window where you can enter the https address of the server for which you want to know its SSL/TLS capabilities.


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