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Christmas Release


One day before Christmas we have released a new version of our core crypto toolkit IAIK-JCE!

Please also have a look at the toolkits we have released during the last months. Especially we want to point your attention to the new versions of our SSL/TLS library iSaSiLk which supports TLS 1.2 now, and our Elliptic Curve provider Eccelerate TM !

iSaSiLk 5.0 with TLS 1.2 support released!


The new version 5.0 of our SSL/TLS library supports TLS 1.2 and implements the TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV
cipher suite value as countermeasure against protocol downgrade attacks on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol trying to enforce a fall back to SSL 3.0, which is vulnerable to a padding-oracle attack if CBC is used ("POODLE" -- Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption attack).


Our Clients

Welcome to our download center!

Please see the following links:

  • If you are new at Stiftung SIC and want to download evaluation or beta versions of our products, please proceed to our Web Shop in order to register for evaluation download!
  • If you are already a customer at Stiftung SIC , please proceed and log into our Web Shop  for offers, placing your order and /or for downloading the full versions of our products which do not produce evaluation messages on standard output.

For an overview on our prices, please consult our price list !





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